Alistair was inducted to St Columba’s on 2 June 2016. This appointment was confirmed some months earlier, with Alistair’s call responded to with passion by our former Senior Minister, Chunky (Rev Dr Martin Young), who was so looking forward to having Alistair join him as Colleague Minister. Chunky often spoke of Alistair’s experience, energy and fresh thinking, which would benefit all of St Columba’s and everybody who we touch.

Alistair was born and spent most of his life in Durban. His father, who passed away in 2008 after an early onset of Parkinson's disease, worked in the paper industry – for the majority of his career as Regional Director of Peters Papers. Devora, his mother, was a primary school teacher who specialised in English, and who has subsequently retired with her husband, Mike, to a small complex in Gillitts, KwaZulu-Natal. Devora is a frequent visitor to St Columba’s, enjoying the time she is able to spend with the family. It is with fondness that Alistair remembers his time at the Junior, Senior and High schools in Westville. He captained various rugby and water polo teams, chaired the matric dance committee and was a prefect in his final year. On moving to Johannesburg, Alistair captained a team in the  popular “In2Touch” touch rugby league at Zoo Lake, and later moved to joining a social water polo team.

Alistair has a breadth and depth of experience. He served for six years at Frere Road (Durban) with the care and direction of young adults and youth as a primary focus, and then spent six years at Eshowe Presbyterian Church as probationer and Minister. He is well educated, with a Bachelor of Theology (TEEC) and Bachelor of Theology (Honours) through UNISA. He has temporarily suspended his Masters in Theology (through UKZN).

Joanne and Alistair were married ten years ago and have subsequently embarked on the adventure of parenting Samantha (7) and Matthew (5) (in addition to their Bouvier, Gabby and their Collie, Cody). "‘Home’, to us, is a treasured place and the source of much of what we experience as good.”