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Meet the Elders THE ROSE WINDOW

This magnificent large window is situated at the back of the church in the south wall and was donated in memory of Wilfred James & Dorothy Eleanor Kennedy who were active members of the church in the early days. It was initially installed before the extension or gallery of the church was completed during Dr. Jack Dalziel’s time and was moved to its present position when the extension was built. Pat Dalziel remembers it being laid out in pieces in Lurgan Road before it was put in place.

The Kennedys lived in Westcliffe Drive and Dr.Alan Maker who knew the family well tells us that the house that they. lived in was designed by the same architect as the Church and the Lurgan Road Manse which was sold recently. The Kennedys had a daughter who was disabled through polio and Dion deBeer who was her Elder remembers visiting her regularly.

The origin of Rose Windows goes back to Mediaeval times, they are particularly characteristic of Gothic architecture and can be seen in all the major Cathedrals of Northern France. They are named Rose Windows as they can be seen to bear similarity to a multi-petalled rose. They are sometimes called Catherine windows after Saint Catherine of Alexandria who was sentenced to be executed on a spiked wheel (Wikipedia) .