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St. Columba’s is a community where the best of Presbyterian tradition courageously embraces inclusivity, innovation and open-minded conversation in Christian service.

A Congregation of the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful,  for beauty  is Gods handwriting.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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St. Columba's Presbyterian Church

Dear friends

2016 has already proven to be a momentous year in our Church's history. While we mourn the tragic loss of Chunky and in so many ways still grapple to come to terms with this, we commit to Chunky's legacy, and celebrate and rejoice in Alistair joining us. Through the Call process, that started several months ago now, we reached the unforgettable milestone last night of having Alistair inducted by Presbytery as our new Minister.

WELCOME, Alistair!!

Hansie has played an enormous role over the past couple of months, way beyond the call of duty, bridging the gap between Chunky's death and Alistair's induction. On behalf of the entire congregation - and indeed the wider community who are so often directly affected by the work of our Church - I thank Hansie for all that he's done. We are also most grateful to Rev Eddie Germiquet, our Interim Moderator appointed by Presbytery to have seen us through this period.

Many people are asking about the Call of another Minister, bearing in mind that Alistair was appointed as Chunky's Colleague Minister. While there is no doubt that a Church of our size and reach requires at least two full-time Ministers, understandably we are not going to rush into any immediate Call actions and need to give Alistair time to settle. The optimal way forward will emerge over time and won't benefit from any perhaps rash or 'knee jerk' reaction.

We are guided heavily by Presbytery and the agreed processes of the Church as we prayerfully consider how the future might look and what we might do to positively shape this.  Clearly, Alistair will play a pivotal role in setting this direction.  The selfless, rich and essential teamwork that so many have demonstrated over the past couple of months bears testimony to the phenomenal leadership and  teaching of Chunky, and his predecessors.         

Notwithstanding the depth of our loss and grief, individually and together, the Church hasn't missed a beat in terms of our worship and commitments. Thank you to each and every one of you for the part that you have played in 'holding the fort'. There is so much opportunity - and need - for extensive involvement across all that we do, borne out by the passionate engagement of members and friends in so many different areas.

Many thanks to everybody who was able to attend Alistair's induction last night. Please will you make every effort to attend one of the services this Sunday as we mark the wonderful milestone of welcoming Alistair, Joanne and their children to the family of St Columba's.

With warm regards

Ernest (Ernie) Blom, Session Clerk

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